Our 20% off all Royal Crown Derby Paperweights offer finishes on Wednesday 14th December. We have had a huge reaction to the offer and thank everyone who has taken advantage of our 20% off and FREE UK Delivery. Look out for more great offers Starting Christmas Eve as part of our online SALE!



We have a few bears that are with us for the very last time. Charlie Bears are discontinued regularly – once they are retired they will never be made again, making them VERY collectable and sought after. Retirements are announced before we recieve all our orders, there for we have 2 types of retired bears – ones that we have a few more yet to arrive and those that are in stock and no more are coming into us these ones are  here for the last time and your very last chance to buy at the retail price.

Retired, and instock bears (as of 02/12/11):

William IV (Limited edition)
Dottie Lottie (limited edition)
William III (limited edition)

visit our website and search ‘retired’ in the charlie bears category to see all our retired bears: http://www.connaughtonline.co.uk/store/category/22/123/Charlie-Bears/

Its probably our most common query…’When is Charlie Bear xxxx coming in stock?’, and our most common answer is ‘We don’t know’.  OK, as you know we are not as blunt as that and always give guidance and help, but the way Charlie Bears works, and the popularity of the product means that we only get a few days notice of deliveries, and each one holds surprises for us, which is all part of the Charlie Bears magic.

Charlie Bear is run by husband and wife team Charlie & William Morris, plus just a handful of friends, family and staff in their Cornish offices and warehouse. It’s a small knit friendly team, who just love the bears and all have their favourites. This charm and the popularity and size of the range makes this range of collectable soft toys very sought after by bear collectors, children and gift buyers all year round.

Each year there are 2 launches of Charlie Bears at 2 different trade shows. Spring launch is shown to us early February and is delivered to us from Autumn that year to Spring the year after. Autumn Launch is at a trade show in July and is delivered from Spring to Autumn the following year, maybe a little longer (or if we are really lucky a few may come before Christmas that year). Now and again we see Show Special Bears which we are sworn to secrecy about – we can only tell you about them when they arive – there a little extra for all of our collectors and are REALLY collectable.

Planning ahead is so important to the Charlie Bear team and we order our bears over a year in advance which is really tricky (we often wish we owned a crystal ball). The bears are all hand finished, and take hours to make so the numbers that can be produced every day is really limited. With over 150 bears in the range at any time the logistics of getting the right bears at the right time is near impossible and an unenviable task.

All bears that are in stock are identified on our website as ‘Availability: Order Now’, if it’s out of stock we show you the expected date of delivery i.e. ‘Availability: Winter 2012’. We also do a lot of updates via our facebook page – we get an email 2-5 days before delivery of new bears and we tell all our facebook friends about our bears – who is coming to our shops looking for new homes, but be quick – when a bear comes in that is sought after they go in hours.

The reason Charlie Bears are so popular is that they are made with love, and Charlie & Will carefully select their retailers so that only caring specialised shops will sell their bears. Although QVC do preview bears every year they don’t have many to sell, charge a lot extra for delivery, and always sell out. It does help you see each bear shortly after launch and get you excited about them but its a good few months before any other shops will get them.

So to be a collector of Charlie Bear you need to have patience (the one you want always takes the longest to arrive), be decisive (because you probably don’t have room for all of the ones you like), have a big heart to enjoy each bear, and allow that special bear that sits on our shelf to choose you! Many collectors buy ones that they have never considered because the bear just shouts at them – give me a home! Sounds a little silly but absolutely true – we see it time and again in our shops.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post – let us know if there’s anything else you would like to see on here about Charlie Bears.

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20% OFF over 100 Royal Crown Derby Paperweights, including all NEW pieces for 2011

RCD 20% OFF over 100 pieces including NEW for 2011

RCD 20% OFF over 100 pieces including NEW for 2011

We have a great offer for all our Royal Crown Derby customers – when you order online get 20% off the recommended retail price of all Royal Crown Derby paperweights (excludes our exclusive limited editions) and FREE UK Delivery, and if you are overseas you also get VAT Removed!

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We are the Royal Crown Derby online Specialist, we have the entire range of paperweights, including some you will not see anywhere else, and exclusive limited editions. We also have a large range of tableware items, miniatures, royal wedding and the new Diamond Jubilee commemorative range.

Wow, what a nice suprise! We have recieved details of 5 new paperweights today which came right out of the blue. This is the final launch of the year and what a spectacular one – limited editions, new birds and the 2012 RCDCG pieces. All can be ordered now on our website www.connaughtonline.co.uk

OLD IMARI OWL – (available for delivery from December)
rrp £185 OUR PRICE £148
Modelled by Robert Tabbenor, Designed by Tien Manh Dinh – 13.5cm tall

Old Imari Owl

Old Imari Owl

This wise owl is decorated in the ever popular Old Imari pattern, the deep cobalt blues and rich reds are embellished with 22ct gold. The Imari pattern has proved very popular with Paperweight Collectors, and owls are a particularly favorite subject.

Whether viewed from the front, side or rear the detail is fantastic right down to the Owls talons and delicate feathering on its feet.

Order your OLD IMARI OWL – click here


Mother rrp £395 OUR PRICE £316 ,
Baby £195 OUR PRICE £156
Modelled and Designed by John Ablitt – Mother 20cm long, Baby 15cm long

RCD Black Rhino LE500

Black Rhino Limited Edition

A Rare limited edition from Royal Crown Derby that is open to all customers arround the world – watch out though, it won’t be around for long!

This fabulous new pair have been lovingly designed by John Ablitt, who has captured the true essence of these magnificent and elusive creatures.  The model and design is a true representation of the Black Rhino with a hooked upper lip to allow for browsing on trees and shrubs, grayish brown colouring and docile facial expression.  Don’t be fooled however, as Black Rhinos are not docile at all, and have a reputation for un-provoked aggression.  Fortunately these attacks are often aimless as Rhino’s have poor eyesight!

Order your BLACK RHINO MOTHER – click here

Running alongside our striking Rhino Mother paperweight is it’s Calf, the Rhino Baby – which is a totally new shape and model for Royal Crown Derby.  Unlike the mother with her two strong horns, our little baby isn’t old enough just yet and only has a beautifully designed little stub where the horns will grow as it reaches maturity.

RCD Black Rhino Baby LE500

Black Rhino Baby

The authentic and complementing design on both of these pieces is based on African textiles and appliqué made out of Raffia weave belonging to African tribes in both the Congo – The Kuba Tribe and Nigeria.  A strong colour pallet consisting of ochre, brown, red and mustard has been used to really give the designs an African feel. The raffia weave, or velvet raffia as it is locally know, is a wonderful mix of complex geometric designs in bold and striking colours.  These unique raffia cut pile cloths were so treasured that at a time the Kuba people traded them as currency, and were used to judge status.

I am sure you will agree that these pieces are simply stunning and are a must have for the paperweight collector.

Order your BLACK RHINO BABY – click here

rrp £49 , RENEWAL PRICE £39

Modelled by John Ablitt, Designed by Tien Manh Dinh – 4.5cm long

Riverbank Vole

Riverbank Vole

This dear little Bank Vole, modelled by John Ablitt and decorated by Tien Manh Dinh is a paperweight to treasure.  Tien portrays this furry animal well;  a little twitchy nose looks up to see who is coming as she bustles along to her underground home with a feast of red berries.

Order your RIVERBANK VOLE – click here




rrp £135 ,
Modelled and Designed by John Ablitt – 14cm long



The Redwing, a species of Thrush is a winter visitor to our shores. John Ablitt has captured beautifully their decorative markings, including exciting flashes of red on their underwings, to be seen as they sometimes flock into our gardens from surrounding woodland in search of berries.

Order your REDWING – click here

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Clearance ICE Watches on SALE at 20% off

We have just re-ranged for 2011 and ordered our new ICE Watches for Christmas, we had to make the space for the lovely new items by discontinuing some older ones.

We normally offer 5% discount on all Ice Watch, but on the few we have retired we can now offer 20% discount with FREE UK Delivery!

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